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Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

Reprint of Chapbook by Anxiety Press

by Robynn Clairday

 Ian is a world-weary vampire, who has seen too much.  The last thing he expects is to find the love of his life.

 Sometimes, the ultimate romantic ecstasy is worth it, even if it means the end of everything.


Postcards from World War II

Real postcards written straight from the heart by young soldiers to their loved ones during the war. Fascinating Photos, cartoons, and graphics on the front of the cards, little letters from the homesick young men and women who just wanted to connect with families and friends on the back.

Square One Publishers, Fall 2001
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I strongly recommend Postcards from World War II for all those who have an interest in that conflict and that time period. Robynn and Matt Clairday
have done an excellent job of compiling a collection of heartfelt, funny and moving postcards sent by servicemen and women between 1941 and 1945. I have
no doubt, it will touch all who read it.

Senator Bob Dole
Postcards from World War II

New Traditions in Terror
Short story Afraid of the Water in the anthology.
Writer's Club Press 2001

Afraid of the Water Nominated for the P&E award.
Awarded Honorable Mention in St. Martin's Press
Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: The Twelfth Annual Collection.

A few stories in this collection deserve mention. Afraid Of The Water, by Robynn Clairday, does such a good job of evoking concrete images in her tale, that it brought back some very unpleasant memories of my own fear of water as a young child.

The Sixth Sister
A fairy tale on video
Kara-Mara is a wonderful princess, despite the fact she's not beautiful.
It takes a little magic for her to learn that she's worthwhile just as she is.

The Sixth Sister Recommended. This is an excellent variety of programs that young children will love to watch.
California ITC